Kiko Meat Goats

Kiko/Alpine Doe with Twins

The McClain Herd of Kiko Meat Goats has excellent genetics. Our flock sire, Lookout Point Ranch Bucky, is an F2 out of imported New Zealand Kiko Genetics. His sire is LPR/Caprinex Jupiter, is a direct New Zealand import. We raise Alpine/Kiko cross goats with our Clun Forest Sheep as part of a multi-species grazing program. Our animals are tested CAE free. The core herd is composed of 50%-75% Kiko/Alpine crossbred does which are bred to a Kiko buck to produce meat kids and top-quality breeding stock.

Lookout Point Ranch 1434 "Bucky"
F-2 100% New Zealand Kiko

We cross our Alpine (shown) and Kiko goats to develop productive, fast growing, pasture-adapted meat does.

Kiko/Alpine doelings can be bred to kid at one year of age. In fact, 100% of our Kiko/Alpine and Kiko/Nubian cross doelings kidded by the age of 1 year in 2015.

The herd is raised under management intensive grazing year round. Our present pasture is predominately a very poor quality class 4 clay soil.  In the winter it floods heavily and is waterlogged, while in the summer it dries up like a brick. Despite severe drought for the last three summers, our mature doe kidding rate was 200% in 2016. 

Kikos rarely need deworming. Most animals only need routine dewormings annually or every other year. The strong genetic traits of Kikos are dominant in crosses. We have successfully crossed our Kikos with Alpines and Nubians. A 50% Kiko/Alpine cross is virtually indistinguishable from a Kiko but has higher milk production, productivity, and more ease of herding than a purebred Kiko.

We sell 50%, 75%, and 87.5% Kiko/Alpine Doelings. If you are interested in buying excellent Kiko/Alpine cross animals, contact us. These excellent animals can be used successfully in crosses with other Kikos, or with Boers, Savannas, Spanish, Myotonic, and other meat goats. Kiko/Alpine Cross animals are much easier to work with than purebred Kikos and can be easily tamed.

75% Kiko/Alpine Doeling

50% Kiko/Alpine Does with Their 75% Kiko Kids


Kiko Kids and Clun Ewes On Pasture

Grassfed Goat and Lamb

We offer 100% grass and brush fed goat meat for sale. Kiko Goat meat has an equivalent amount of protein (23 grams/3 oz.) as beef, while goat meat contains less cholesterol and saturated fat than chicken (.79 g saturated fat, 6.8 g. in beef, and 1.1 g in chicken). Similarly, goat meat has a comparable amount of calories to chicken (122 calories/3 oz. goat, 120 calories chicken, and 245 calories beef), and goat meat has higher iron than beef, pork, and chicken. Goat can be used in British, Moroccan, Greek, Indian, Middle Eastern, Pakistani, Afghan, African, Central Asian, Basque, Mexican, and other cuisines. Our customers love our delicious goat meat and also use it like beef.

Our grass-fed goat meat is high in Omega 3s, and is produced by healthy, happy animals. We have sold our goat and lamb to many individual buyers as well as for restaurant, meat shop, and group sales. Contact us at 541-461-3283 or for more information.

Kids running through field: 50% Kiko/Alpine, 75% Kiko/Alpine, 75% Kiko/Nubian, 87.5% Kiko/Alpine

50% Kiko/Nubian Cross Doeling

Our stock are bred for top-production on pasture and brush. We expect our Kikos to live outside year round while maintaining optimal production.

Kiko Meat Goats Grazing with Clun Forest Sheep


Kiko/Alpine Goat Does

Kiko/Alpine Breeding Stock Kids


For more information or to inquire about breeding stock or goat meat, contact Weston McClain at

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“Know well the condition of your flocks, and pay attention to your herds.”  (Proverbs 27:23)

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