Our Goats

Our CAE-free herd comes from award-winning family lines.  At their freshening (when they begin to produce milk after kidding), our goats usually produce about ¾ to 2 gallons at each milking.  One of our goats, Lilly, still produces ½ gallon at each milking over 3 years after her freshening.  At Lilly’s best, she was producing 2-1/4 gallons at each milking.  Violet, Lilly’s kid, produced almost 3 gallons of colostrum at her first milking!

Originally we bought goats because we wanted goat milk since three of the people in our family are allergic to cow milk.  Soon after purchasing them, we were delighted to discover that goats are very loving and affectionate animals.  We started out with Nubian and Alpine goats from some of the highest quality, award-winning breeders in Oregon and even in the country.  Each year we breed our does with some of the highest quality bucks in America.



“Know well the condition of your flocks, and pay attention to your herds.”  (Proverbs 27:23)

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